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Science Rockstar Kids:
A unique online interactive program for ages 8-11

For curious kids who learn by hands-on explorations and wondering "What If?" 


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Not sure how to best help your kids with science?

Sometimes it's a topic you don't know, or don't feel 100% confident about to help your child effectively.  Or maybe you just need a break and would love letting someone else guide your child in science! We are enthusiastic scientists that have experience in research as well as teaching.

Could your kids benefit from more creativity in science? 

Science Rockstar Kids provides a space for creative experiences that develop critical thinking and communication skills. Our program features open-ended (non-"cookbook") projects with lots of discussion.

Are your kids getting authentic science experiences?

Kids discover that science doesn't always work as expected - but you can always learn from the outcome!  They also learn that scientific studies are highly collaborative. As we work through the projects, we feel free to diverge from the initial plans in order to answer their "What If?" questions on the spot! 

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Overview of Science Rockstar Kids 

NO: Cookbook experiments
NO: Big classes
NO: Fancy expensive equipment

YES: Fun, hands-on projects
YES: Exploration of kids' ideas 
YES: Instructors are real scientists
YES: Upbeat & engaging environment
YES: All kinds of learners feel welcome

We are a community of families who are homeschooling, enrolled in a distance charter school, and in hybrid public school systems. Our primary focus is on chemistry and physics, so our projects work well for families from either religious or non-religious backgrounds. SRK children learn and have fun together in a unique online program created by Karen McFarlane Holman, Ph.D., an enthusiastic, award-winning educator with 31 years experience teaching science. 


Watch this short video to see what it's like for kids doing a project together!

I Want to Learn More!

Hi, I'm Karen McFarlane Holman, Ph.D. and I am committed to engaging kids in science.

I created Science Rockstar Kids to directly engage elementary school aged children in science who don't have access to in-person strong science leadership. I strongly believe that:

• Live interaction is imperative to kids feeling seen and heard, which improves confidence
• Learning is connected to doing experiments first-hand and "wondering out loud" in a group
• A strong community of families enjoying science together makes the experience more fun!

If you have questions about Science Rockstar Kids that aren't answered here, don't hesitate to email me!  [email protected]

Solayah is a nine-year-old budding scientist...

...who lives on Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada. Solayah's family discovered SRK in September 2020. Listen to her talk about what excites her the most about exploring science in this program!


What do parents say about Science Rockstar Kids?

"Even though the class is through Zoom, you would have never known, and our kids stayed engaged the whole time!  Professor K's enthusiasm towards exploring science is contagious and our boys are more curious than ever." 
– Krystle K., Salem, OR

"As a new homeschooling mom, now I don't have to worry about Ruby missing out on hands-on science learning and using her creativity. The teacher is lively and so excited! I have seen a light in Ruby I had not yet seen before now!"
– Amanda M., Lake Oswego, OR

"My daughter's homeschooling teacher was super impressed by her progress in science because of this program. Even better, Solayah's interest in science absolutely exploded this year!"
– Charlene H., Courtenay, B.C., Canada

"The classes go beyond the “wow” factor of cool science to Emery being ready to take action and make change in the world. What she is learning is staying with her and we are inspired!"
– Deb V., Salem, OR

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What you can expect from this outstanding program

Themed Projects

The themes are fun, engaging, and relevant! Every month we dive into super cool and open-ended science or engineering experiments that are inspired by a theme, such as "Potions and Motions" in October and "Wind & Water" in March.

Hands on Explorations with Live & DIY options

In the live sessions, we do the experiments together on Zoom to share our predictions, ideas, and explanations. The DIY option is great for flexible schedules.  Either way, scientific reasoning is cultivated.
A full list of materials needed (common household items) is provided.

Observation sheets 

Some kids focus on doing the experiments with no writing at all. Others want to learn to write notes and observations. There are a lot of different types of learners out there! Along with seeing, hearing, speaking, and hands-on explorations, the worksheets allow for writing.  We also include a "What If...?" question at the end, to imagine beyond what we did together.

Close-knit Community

One of the best parts about science is sharing ideas and discoveries! In our small Private Facebook group, parent share photos and videos in a place where learning is celebrated.  It's also a light and positive space to ask/answer questions. 

Money-Back Guarantee!

We are confident that you and your child will love Science Rockstar Kids!  However, if you're not happy, please contact us within 15 days after the session begins to receive a prorated refund for those weeks your child will not be attending.

By Request! "Griffin the Chemistry Corgi" and "Science Rockstar Kids" T-shirts, mugs, masks, and more!

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Still unsure?

This might help. In this video, SRK's Director, Karen Holman, talks more about her approach and values in this program. She lays out the format, gives some examples, and other nuts and bolts. If you still have questions, email Karen: [email protected]


More glowing testimonials about Professor K...

"[Karen] is so enthusiastic about her subject, and she really wants people to understand it the way she does. She helps you understand how chemistry applies to every aspect of your life."

-Janie Bube, previous student

"My daughter and I loved Karen's summer science challenge. She chose kid-friendly but still pretty exciting demonstrations! And it felt pretty special for Dorothy to be taught by a 'real' professor." 
-Laura Nelson, previous science challenge family who went on to join Science Rockstar Kids
"I worked with Professor Holman on a program to help girls get more excited about math and science. She is really patient and good at explaining things to the kids. Watching how well she works with the younger students has influenced me.  She's a great role model."
-Estella Yee, previous teaching assistant

More about Science Rockstar Kids' Founder

Karen McFarlane Holman, Ph.D. was awarded Professor of the Year for Oregon by the Carnegie Foundation in 2010 and has adored her academic career, most of which has been at Willamette University in Salem, OR. She has an enormous passion for conveying scientific concepts to general audiences and infusing the wonder of science into people's lives. She has volunteered at numerous schools and worked in science outreach programs for nearly 30 years.  One of her most rewarding experiences was teaching at an all-girl science camp in Saudi Arabia in 2016 and 2017.

Karen has authored 24 scientific articles and book chapters in her specialty of metals and their applications in renewable fuels, photosynthesis, and novel chemotherapeutics. She has given scientific presentations on four continents worldwide. She uses her wide knowledge base to engage in questions that are of interest to kids as well as adults who are curious about science.

Karen, a.k.a. “Professor K”, fuses her multi-decade career as a chemistry professor with her 25-year musical performance career. Her research-focused TEDx talk has an engagement of over 40K viewers and her more recent TEDx talk highlights the importance of hobbies on one's career, a topic she knows well: As a guitarist and singer, she has performed at hundreds of concerts and festivals.  

Karen's love of community and connecting with audiences has roots in radio. She has over 30 years experience as a radio producer and co-hosts the podcast 10 Bestest. Karen is the Founder of KMUZ-FM, the first community radio station in Salem, Oregon. 

Karen has two teenage children, Dean and Julian, and a corgi named Griffin. She loves spending time with her family, playing in her rock bands City of Pieces and Hot Sheets, kayaking, hiking, and traveling the world over.  Karen's website encapsulates all of her endeavors and activities.

For more information, email Karen at [email protected].

Keep your kids engaged in science while they develop critical thinking and communication skills - and have FUN!

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